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Please check the type of model you have bought and compare it against the warranty displayed here. If you cannot find it or are not sure, contact us at

Your warranty starts on the date shown on your invoice. The invoice is proof of your purchase and no warranty will be honoured without this invoice. 

Full payment of the vehicle must be made before the warranty is active. 


  • Any damage caused by the customer installing the vehicle will not be covered by the warranty.

  • This warranty is non-transferable due to the nature of the item being classed as a motorised vehicle, and valid only with the buyers’ name or representative of the company it was originally sold to. 

  • This vehicle is to be used only for what it was designed to do. 

  • All parts sold separately from the vehicle will have a transferable warranty, but again an invoice must be produced. 

  • The warranty does not cover damage by immersion in water or any type of liquid or extreme heat sources. These vehicles have a rating of IP54 which is for light rain and dust exposure.

  • Any shipping damage or factory defects must be reported to POSH by Email or phone call within 30 days from opening. If the customer has shipped it themselves using another courier service other than the one specified by POSH, shipping damage will not be covered by the warranty. 

  • The packing is relevant to the protection of the vehicle. If a return is made, the purchaser must pack the vehicle in the original box and packing before returning. If the vehicle is returned without, or with substandard protection, the warranty will be invalidated completely. 

  • POSH shall collect or pay for the shipping back to the company, and repair or replace at our own expense to uphold the warranty and continue a quality of service. 

  • Parts may not be exactly the same, but will have an equivalent function. These replaced parts do not extend the main warranty of the vehicle.

  • This warranty does not cover general ‘wear and tear’.



Non liability
POSH is not liable for any loss of earnings, death or injury, special or inconsequential events occurring creating loss or damage, due to the vehicle failing or partly functioning in any way.



Details of the warranty


This products' warranty is split into two parts: 90-day, 12 months

90-day cover
Battery (90-day OR 1,000 total miles cover)

Seat and fitments

12-month cover
Main foot plate and body




Internal electrics

The warranty excludes completely

Rubber grips, throttle/trigger, mudguards, brake disc, brakepads, screws, bolts, display, lights, switches, keys, tyres, inner tubes, cosmetic damage (paint or trims), charging from a charger different from one issued with the product, bad storage and maintenance, signs of an accident or structural damage, modifications of any type, different parts and repairs made from any other than POSH employees, etc.

POSH can still support the customer outside of the warranty specifics, or an expired warranty with supplying new parts or repairs. Any parts required of purchase, will be chargeable and are available at

Faulty Goods

a) Faulty goods notified to POSH within 14 days of delivery will be collected, repaired or replaced, and redelivered free of charge. 

b) Faulty goods notified to POSH after 14 days and within the warranty period are to be returned to POSH at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer should arrange their own shipping back to POSH and ensure that any parcel sent to POSH is adequately insured. Goods that are repaired or replaced under warranty will be re-delivered free of charge.

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